Welcome to LDK Eye Hospital

   To provide locally, both basic as well as state of the art health services for poor and needy people of Bithoor, Kanpur and nearby area at a very affordable price.

Founder Journey

   Since Childhood I have been interested in a lot of social and humanitarian work and was always involved in different activities. We were not having those facility which today kids have! . I was always involved in the charity work done by my parents and use to observe it. I was very much attached with my parents and enjoyed many journey throughout my nation with them. In those time i have seen the poor people in the deep villages and was always touched when my parents use to help them whatever way they can.

In 1962 when my parents decided to be retired and want to live in a holy place called Bithoor ( BRAHMAVART), 25 km from my home town at the bank of Holi River Ganges. Firstly they started their stay in Prakash Nand Ashram with a room on rent. it was my duty to go on every Sunday to meet them and to provide them the basic things. I also came in contact with Param Purya Maharaj Prakashnand ji and learnt a lot about life. In 1963 I purchased a piece of land and built a house for my parents. Since 1964 they were enjoying helping the poor and holy society of that village. I have seen people regularly coming to him for different needs and they never say no to anyone. their believe in God and confidence in them self taught me a lot and what ever I am today just with their blessing. In 1978 my great Father died and I decided to stay in Bithoor to serve my Great Mother. As per my father wish, I decided to run a Ashram in his name. I purchased a piece of land opposite my house first and started construction as per Ashram design. it was slow going as need to invest so with my extra money I was putting their. One fine morning I met Dr Awadh Dubey, who suggested to run Eye Camp in winter. I was really inspired with that suggestion and accepted the task. I need to arrange many things before we start our first camp. By blessing of GOD and my parent I could manage and start our first camp in 1981.

Dr Awadh dubey spent almost a week there until patient were released. slowly slowly but steadily we keep continue and later decided with many consent to convert this Ashram to Eye Hospital. Now the major task was how I can run a Hospital because it needs fund regularly so after discussing with my family and friends, i decided to convert this into Public trust so that all part of society can be club to run this. From 1985 till today we are working for the poor society and with the help of all part of society by monetary as well as by heart, this hospital has passed many grand stones. today we can say and can compare the operation theater with any top class hospital of my Home Town. it was dream of my Father and now it has become my dream and destination of life to serve the society as much as i can. Definitely this can not be successful without everyone's support.

I urge to all who already join hands with me and those who are still waiting to join in shaping up this Eye care Facility which has provided Vision to over 15000 poor. Your contributions to this trust can help a poor man see the bright colours of this world again.

Thank You
Shri Krishna Das Khandelwal

Hospital Info

Area Of Land : Total Area : 1220Sft.
Total Built-up Area : 10708Sft.
Hospital Started : 1981
Hospital Inauguration :
31st July 1989 by Dr. Akira Momose
(Eye Surgeon, Japan)

Contact Person

Shri Krishan Dass Khandelwal

Email : care@ldkeyehospital.com


From Railway Station : 500mt.
From Bus Stop : 1km